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*is muscular
*is not my race
*is charming
*has a small nose =P
*is a piscean
*is like a chocolate
*is super caring
*is able to tolerate bunny
*gets fuming mad when bunny is late
*excels when he works hard
*is talented in writings, music, sports
*loves bunny
*is loved by bunny
*is BUNNY's!

^BunnY^ is.....
-very cute
-not my race also
-crazy to think that i am charming
-she has no ears :((her hair covers 'em)
-is erm...i dunno born in July
-very good play piano one
-very smart
-is one of the top pupils in the class and skool
-never hungry

my pet!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
The goofy kid....

The title for this is misleading..... it's me making excuses.... I never noticed.... all that Bit ever did for me..... never asking for anything back in return..... I was always busy with my CCAs and other stuff.... yet... she always took the time to look for me.... I was a spoiled kid... wasnt I? That's not it I suppose... I didn't know how to react to the emotions she was showering me with.... most of the time, I probably didn't react appropriately to what she was sharing with me.... But as I reflect back to how I was treated, it made me realise, I learnt plenty of things from her.... I learnt from her actions.... The hard part starts after you start going out.... It doesnt get easier... no thats wrong.... The relationship requires you to put in as much... or even more effort than before you started... I loved her kisses.... the kisses she showered me with... Post relationship, I learnt to not be complacent... it's not that you have to fight to keep it.... you have to do your part to make sure that the other person doesnt start to doubt ... no... you have to make sure that doubt doesnt start to appear in the other person's heart... nothing big, it's always that small things that add up and end up creating the core of a relationship... If only I had learnt these things earlier.... as with most things... when i was at that age, i put 100% effort into the 'chase' and afterwards... i took everything for granted.... though i remembered birthdays... i failed to realise.... small things ... which should have been there... which should have been done.... her every day of seeing me.... was always put forth with her full effort.... we really did love each other.... it's too late to say that now.... Hey at least she made me learn.... I'll do my best in my next and final relationship... This time, it'll be for life. Definitely. Bear.

Posted at 01:09 am by dc07
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bit has it. Or maybe I'm over thinking things again. Haha *scratches head*

Posted at 03:40 am by dc07
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
seven years ago

So it took me 7 years to do this. But better late then never? No. That is probably the shittiest excuse ever. I'm 7 years late. 7 years and many weeks late. Let's start this proper. How did Bit and I first meet? As with most meetings, after such a long time, you forget how you actually meet but luckily, Bit had already chronicled the story of how we met, many years ago. If you read the side section of this place, you will see some of the good points that Bit has. As I said some, bcos she has a lot more. She was always in the top 20 of our cohort. Amazing right? I'm frequently in the top 20 as well. Though mine was counted from the back. :-) I always felt really bad about that. Though she always did her best. I've always felt bad that I wasn't doing my best. And somehow it reflected badly on her. Bcos ppl used to say. Why is an idiot with one of the top students in school. But she was really nice about it. She helped me out with stuff. She never let me be left out. She's really funny. She always made jokes. And of course her voice was pleasant to listen to as well. I still sound so fanboyish after so many years. Now back to how we met. It was tons of fun. We talked well not really at first. She used to joke around. See the post she made about the project. Yeah. That's when I started hanging out with BYMK. I'm pretty sure I was a huge hindrance. I'm sure the rest of the group said I was a pain cos I was always around. And I'm pretty sure I disappointed her over and over again over the years that we were together. Especially when the results for our Mid Years came out. She was somewhere in the top 20 and I had failed 2 subjects. And barely scraped thru the rest. I was a really bad student then. I didn't really do my best then. Every small thing I took for granted. I'm sure it added up. I keep veering off course in this post. So yeah, we hung out a lot. We went to chalets together. Pretty sure I snored when I was asleep. We went to barbeques. Oh and we celebrated birthdays! During that point in time, I was still receiving chocolates twice in February. During vday and my birthday which were like 8 days apart. She got me a shirt. It's still hanging in my cupboard. Pretty sure I can't fit into it cos I got fat after sec school. She did so many things for me. She waited after I had finished my performances, we walked along the beach together, and tons of other stuff! I'm pretty sure if I dig around, I can still find the birthday cards she made for me. So long ago. Yes. MADE! So it truly has been seven years since then. Our time together has taught me so much.

Posted at 11:39 pm by dc07
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Sunday, May 15, 2005
But it ended.

just like that.

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Friday, September 03, 2004
And So It Began..

It's me continuing again..

Well, after the project, we chatted a lot online. But all the while we were talking about the girl he loves. He actually likes a Chinese, foolishly, I though it was me initially, but it turned out to be not. I found that he was a sort of person that does not make friends easily. You can see him talking to others, but they were merely fellow human beings, aqquaintances to him, he does not regard one as friend easily. Honourably, I became his friend in a short time. He decided to give up on that girl, for some reason I don't acknowledge to. That is also when our relationship became equivocal. We wanted to be nothing more than friends. Because he could not bear to lose what we already have. So did I. But somehow, Love got the better of us. Our platonic love didn't last. Somehow, we were like behaving already like a couple, but in words we're not. That is when people ask, we're merely friends. But we know in our hearts, we're more than just that. Some may think that he fell in love with me just because he couldn't get that girl. But I know in my heart, no. He made himself clear too.

it's going to be a year. we didnt have an exact date. we just randomly picked one. this is just one year. we have so many more years ahead. i hope.

// w h a t . w a s . s t o p p e d . i n . w o r d s , d i d n ' t . s t o p . i n . t h e . h e a r t s . o f . t h e . t w o //

Posted at 04:18 pm by dc07
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Monday, August 30, 2004
First Meet

How did we first met? Frankly, I never knew such person even existed. Haha. Never would I have guessed that I would fall in love with someone not my race. Haha. But, well, perhaps it was all meant to be. Somehow he was posted to a class with a pathetic number of guys, there were only 11 guys. Of course, I took notice of him, reason was I knew all the chinese boys, I know of the malay guys, I wasnt a bit interested in the indians, so he caught my eye. My best friend mentioned about him often, reason being is that they are from the same CCA, and he was handsome. and i really meant that. And blah blah blah, a CME project that required us to come together as a group of different race and gender, from then, i got to know him better each day...

Posted at 10:14 pm by dc07
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Sunday, August 29, 2004

I guess I was too bored. I was thinking, since one First Anniversary is nearing, why not set up a blog to look back at all the good and bad times we had, or hopes we have for the future? I know it's somewhat against his "motto" which is not to look back. But. it's up to you..


Posted at 10:50 pm by dc07
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